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Friday, March 7, 2008

Secret Tunnel

I landed in Hong Kong safe and sound. I was in my flat 50 minutes after the plane wheels touched the ground, which goes to show the amazing airport and transport system in Hong Kong.

My first day has been pretty relaxed, last night I went for dinner with some of the gang and today I took a brief trip to the office. From initial feedback it would seem that my recruitment trip has been a hit, which is very good news. I had not heard any feedback whilst I was in the UK, it's not the Chinese way to give praise.

On my way back from the office, I made an amazing discovery which leaves me bewildered.
I was walking through Admiralty MTR (one train stop from Wan Chai) when I decided to investigate an off shoot tunnel I have never seen before. This tunnel contains 3 huge flat escalators about 100 meters long and they seemed to be taking me away from Admiralty.

Five minutes later, I emerged from the underground in Wan Chai!
I never knew such a large tunnel route existed, and I don't think any of the friends do either. This is mainly because on more than a few occasions I have been stuck walking in the rain and not once has anyone ever suggested taking the large underground tunnel...

Hong Kong has many a secret.



Anonymous said...

Glad you got back OK, strange but we miss you! x x ps the only way this would publish was to tick the anony mouse identity can you change it, luv Dad x x

mum said...

I miss you too.....x