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Friday, March 14, 2008


It is now Saturday morning and I am in bed wide awake at 8.25 AM. Reasons for this is because it has been decided by friends that now the weather has got a little bit nicer, we need to have at least one day of the weekend where we are not hung over or eating rubbish food.

So the rough plan for today is as follows.

10 am - 11 am: Running across the Wan Chai Gap. (That's the running track carved into the mountain recently discovered when parents were visiting.)

1pm - 5pm: Shek O beaching/sunbathing/avoiding jellyfishing

7pm - 10pm: Charity event for abused women (Although realistically all i'm doing is going to listen to a friend play and sing in a bar that happens to be linked to said event)

I think that is more than enough action to then justify spending Sunday in the cinema or on a sofa watching films!

I have had a few emails now asking if the thing on the news about all primary children being sent home due to flu been much of an issue. Well it has, but only to the extent that the issue is that some staff have been sent home and some have to remain at work. One slightly concerning thing is that there has been talk of this flu maybe being a mutated strain of bird flu, but I think if it was we would have heard by now.

At work things are going brilliantly. My recruitment trip was even better this year than last year in terms of results. Not only that, but the quality of applicants is outstanding to the point that the competition for places is huge. Meaning we should have a really strong team next year.

Anyway, I had better get ready for a day packed with events!


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