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Monday, March 3, 2008


Well I fly back to Hong Kong this Thursday evening after what has been a gigantic trip.

My estimate is that I have driven around 3,600 miles, and if nothing else, it has been interesting. One of the most enjoyable things has been meeting and interviewing people who may well become part of the team later this year. It is nice to begin to place together the individuals who might make up the future organization.

Being on the road for hours at a time has also been a pretty good opportunity to think about what comes after Hong Kong. Informally I have given one year notice to my boss for her to start considering my replacement. So this time next year I will be concluding my final recruitment trip for the company, just not returning afterwards.

With the benefit of being back in the country, I have realized that returning to the UK will be really difficult. I think time and certain events mean that old friendship groups have changed. Some friends have moved away, some are married and some are even pregnant! So to return will be to start all over again from scratch.
Subsequently, it is really sad to know that returning to the friendship groups of my university days will never be possible ... so this has got me thinking ... do I want to come back?!

I have resolved to apply to as many different challenging jobs in Hong Kong in order to provide me with options to stay out there if I wish. I am also going to go for all the interesting organizations that I can find in the UK as well.

Besides, who wants to return to cold wet weather when you can have hot wet weather?!!!


Laz said...

Ergh... memories of the crappy colder months in the UK came flashing back! *shudder*

You know, I hear that the nice, sunny, dry beach weather (well for most of the year anyway) in Sydney is quite pleasant! hehe =P

Ben said...

actually, i am thinking of trying Australia for a year :)

Anonymous said...

why not come to toronto!
it's a metropolitan!

Ben said...

but what about all the Elk??? I hear they can be dangerous