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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Still here

Honestly, i don't type for a week and I get an email from someone I don't even know asking when the next post is going to be! So I just thought I should let people know I am still alive.

Reasons for not posting much is workload. I got back from the UK recruitment trip and was told rather than asked that I was going to Canada and America for just under a month doing a similar thing. To give you a rough idea of my schedule....

Hong Kong - Vancouver
Vacouver - San Fran
San Fran - Boston
Boston - Yale
Yale - New York
New York - Toronto
Toronto - Vancouver
Vancouver - Hong Kong

I leave next week and I have to arrange everything!

So far it has been a learning curve, and surprisingly i'm not stressed, just really busy. I have contacts in every place i'm visiting should I run into trouble and have visited all the American places except Yale before. Even my boss commented that I seem surprisingly calm considering what's looming up ahead.

My cleaner is now to be a regular weekly installment in my flat and I wonder how I lived without her. She is doing my ironing before I leave for my trip and last Friday she physically stopped me walking in front of a bus! She joked that she can now put life saving down on her list of skills. I said that it just goes to show that I really could not live without her! Robyn and Hannah will be sure to meet her when they are staying at mine next month as she pops in and does two hours a week on Friday afternoons.

With the Beijing Olympics fast approaching, Hong Kong is now covered in the above official cartoony things representing the games. If you click on the picture above it is also clear how China intends to win the swimming!

Other news is that I went to the international Rugby 7's on the weekend. Tickets are like gold dust but a friend I know gets them free from his work so I got to go! Never took any pictures as I forgot my camera, but will try to find some that friends took. Needless to say I got very drunk but had an amazing time...

I leave you with this Wan Chai massage advert. It's sometimes hard to tell the legit places to go, but I somehow think that a place that caters just for overseas visitors is slightly dodgy.



bens mum said...

afternoon Ben.... we miss the blog too when you are busy. Just to let you know that the clocks have gone forward from today so your times shown on your blog are correct again now and not an hour out x

Laz said...

Oh no... those olympic things are dreadful and tacky! SO looking forward to seeing them next week....NOT!

Good luck with getting everything sorted for your trip! Is there anything that your cleaner doesn't do? Does she cook as well? I want one!!! hehe


Harold said...

Wow, another recruitment trip? Your organization is getting popular! Glad to see the fencers are already battling it out with the swimmers :P