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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday Driver

A Sunday driver refers to an old person who you infuriatingly find yourself stuck behind whilst driving in a car. The term 'Sunday' comes about because such a driver usually only takes the car out of the garage on this day every week. It's a British term I think.

Today, whilst in the MTR (underground tube) I discovered the Hong Kong equivalent which I have named...

... 'The Mainland Chinese Family'.

During rush hour today, whilst weaving in and out of swift supersonic office workers I was halted no less that three different times. This was caused by 'The Mainland Chinese Family', who not only choose to travel during rush hour, but link arms with each other, walk slowly and gaze around the MTR like they are inside some type of alien spaceship. My impatience was not helped by the awful 'calming', music pumped around the stations to try and ease rush hour stress.

I eventually took a Mainland mother by the elbow and forcefully guided her out of the way to release the blockage of suits she had caused.




Anonymous said...

calm down dear, its only a tube ride....

Laz said...

Hey... we use the term "Sunday driver" down here as well!

Totally sympathise with you... slow walkers are my pet hate, especially during peak hour! If they're on holidays... WTF are they doing up so bloody early anyway!!!

You should join the "i secretly want to punch slow walkers in the back of the head" group on FB!

OK... think I'll go calm down now... =)