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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tax Dodger

For the entire of last year my total tax which I had to pay amounted to 80 HKD, which is just over 5 British Pounds.

Amazing deal!

And I would agree, except the amount was so minimal that I totally forgot to fill in my tax form and actually pay the government its reasonable demand.

So 6 months later, during the month of my recruitment trip, I receive three letters in quick succession.

Letter 1 states that I am in the shit
Letter 2 states I need to contact the revenue department and I am in deeper shit
Letter 3 states that I am fined 600 HKD (40 quid) and that this will turn to 8,000 dollars in one weeks time.

I'm a stupid shit.

So I hot footed it down to the tax office after speaking to the oracle that is my boss. She was considerably calmer than myself, (because she was not evading tax I suppose) and said that all I need to do is show my passport to prove I have been out of Hong Kong during the warnings and they will just forget about the fine.

So that is what I did, and it worked...BUT!!! this was just the first of two illegal moments of the week.

I got a phone call earlier today from my property agent asking to make a copy of my mailbox key.
'Why?' I asked, and the following reason was given.

My next door neighbour shares my mailbox and has lost her key.

Fine... except I never knew my mailbox was shared with anyone.

So for the past 6 months I have been opening my mailbox, seeing mail that was not mine, assuming it was from the previous tenant, tearing it up and throwing it away.

I'm considering financial fraud next week to continue my current spree.


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