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Friday, August 1, 2008


Two good friends Nikki and Laura are going travelling starting today for 4 months round Asia. They are keeping a blog which can be found by clicking here.

I am slightly concerned about their trip because Laura hates all food that does not involve meat and pastry and Nikki accepted her original job in Hong Kong before even knowing where Hong Kong was on a map. And they are travelling for four months. I expect Laura will return thin, Nikki will just get lost somewhere.

I said goodbye to them both this morning and told them to stay together and look after each other. Then about half an hour ago I recieved the following text message from Laura. (word for word, so excuse the language)

"Well we havent even left the fukin country
& weve already got problems. nikkis overstayed
her visa shes on the otherside of immigration
at the mo & we cant apply4 indonesian visa coz no proof
of flight out of country! Bllody hell!!"

So Nikki is being held by immigration in Hong Kong. Laura is on the other side waiting for her flight but does not have proof she is leaving Indonesia if she flies there, so currently will be denied a visa. (I think Nikki may have that proof but can't give it to Laura)

Quite the adventure so far!



robynandben said...

Oh my life! Can't imagine what the next 4 months is going to bring!

mum said...

reminds me of the first time you and your brother travelled to the arabian gulf alone from boarding school and the plane diverted to Bahrain...... thought I'd lost you both for ever...but you survived as I'm sure they will... well, maybe x