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Friday, September 5, 2008

Last Week In Reality

My phone rings and I answer it

"Hello" I say
"Hey Ben, This is Ben J" comes the reply.

Ben J is a new employee, so I remember paying more attention as the call is coming at an unusual time

"Hey what's up"?
"Hey mate, I have been shown around a few different flats looking for a place to stay this year but I have a problem"

At the word problem I remember paying even more attention to the phone call.
"What's the problem"? I say, not knowing what to expect.

"Well I have been shown a flat in Kowloon, but I just found a dead body behind the sofa and don't know what to do".

Then I woke up.

This was a pretty vivid dream and I was telling co-workers about it all morning, till suddenly I recalled the trigger. HK Magazine.

HK Magazine is a weekly published very funny compilation of everything that is to do with Hong Kong. They have a section called "Last week in reality", where they write about the often stranger goings on in Hong Kong over the previous week. This was what I had read before falling asleep.

'16 Saturday
Nude Dip: During a hot, sunny afternoon, a 50 year old mainland woman strips nude and jups into a fountain at the Urban Council Centenary Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui. The police soon arrive to arrest the screaming woman, who says she is upset with her love life and decided to have some fun
20 Wednesday
Room for rent: A real estate agent takes a potential renter on a tour for a room-for-rent, but the tour ends quickly when they discover a decomposing body in the next room. They immediately call the police, the client decides not to rent the room.'
Which explains the dream then!
No other news really, going to Macau which is like Vegas but thousands of time more fun I hear. I have only ever done the daytime tourist thing in Macau so I am looking forward to it. I am leaving on Saturday morning at 10.30 am, and booking a ferry to return home at 4am the following day. Should be fun! And i'm taking 40 new employees across with me!!!


mum said...

you are a glutton for punishment!!
Did you find your PPP stuff OK? x

Ben said...

yes i did, health check will be sorted by Monday, maybe get to the bottom of why i keep falling down :)

bensdadsoot said...

Its the vodka