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Monday, September 1, 2008

A good office prank

When we have employees in various schools round Hong Kong our office hours are 9am - 6pm. However, when there are school holidays the office working time drops to 9am - 5pm.

Today is the first day back to school after summer holidays, so our work hours have changed. Everyone knew this in the office except Donald, who left at 5pm with such certainty and gusto that we never questioned him leaving an hour early till he was long gone.

We found this quite funny, so I sent him the following text message.

"Hi Don, I am pretty uncomfortable about this but you need to see the boss first thing tomorrow regarding why you feel it is OK to leave the office an hour before everyone else. Please bring your contract to the meeting for clarification. Ben"

Well, 20 minutes later we never got a reply. So we decided to call him in case he was shitting himself, it turns out he had not read the text yet, so the improvised conversation highlights went as follows.
  • It is nothing serious Don, the boss is pretty annoyed though that you feel it's ok to leave early
  • Yes Don, it was mentioned in a meeting
  • You need to bring your contract because it has your weekly hours written on it
  • We just need to make sure you are not confused about the situation

After this point I could not remain serious anymore and the office pranksters round the phone began to laugh out loud. He then hanged up on me.

Ten minutes later I recieved a text message back.


I smell some revenge coming...



mum said...

whats the orange picture of?

ben said...

ifc tower from wanchai, it was the night before the typhoon hit

Anonymous said...

hung up