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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tourists again

I decided to use up a day from my annual holiday to take a mid week break. I also wanted to see how much I could pack into a day without feeling overly stressed or rushed. I was with a tourist and some friends so it seemed like a good excuse as any.
This is my step by step guide to an action packed but non exhausting tourist day
  1. Go to the Tung Chung MTR station at the end of the orange train line
  2. Take a cable car to the Ngong Ping Big Buddha
  3. Look at Buddha, marvel at it's metallic sheen
  4. Walk round Buddha, question if it was worth climbing all the bloody steps to reach it
  5. Walk down big Buddha and go across to the Buddhist temple
  6. Eat vegetarian food grown by Buddhist hands and cooked by Buddhist cooks in a big Buddhist hall
  7. Watch Buddhists chanting and praying in a nearby temple
  8. Realize you are all Buddhisted out, leave area by bus and travel to Mui Wo
  9. Try not to be sick in bus
  10. Arrive at Mui Wo, go in search of famous waterfall, learn how to say 'where is the waterfall?' in Cantonese "Bin Do Ah Bup Bo"
  11. Find Waterfall
  12. Look at beach on way back to the fantastic pub in Mui Wo, eat pub food and drink beer to shake off the Buddhist vibes from earlier in the day
  13. Get ferry from Mui Wo to Central in Hong Kong island
  14. Go to Cinema
  15. Go home

And here are the pictures



mum said...

sounds like a super hectic day....

Laz said...

That shot of Holly with the incense sticks look awesome. I like the fact that I don't look like a midget standing next to you in that photo.. LOL!

robynandben said...

Ben, I have a request - can you put a link to Laura and Nikki's blog on your page...because I'm lazy and don't keep non-work-related links on my work computer?

Cheers then, bye!

Ben said...

Mum: It was not hectic, promise, we are going to do the same with Jack

Laz: The correct term is 'little person' not midget. And you were standing on a step in the picture.

Robyn: Done

Robyn: I miss ya x