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Saturday, September 6, 2008


So on Friday night I got a little drunk along with everyone else going the following day to Macau. Macau is a special administrative region of China, just like Hong Kong. Unlike Hong Kong though Macau has a history of Portuguese rule, not British.
To visit Macau you still need a passport and to go through immigration, so it is quite exciting if it's your first trip to the region as you feel like you are going on a mini holiday. It was my third trip to Macau though, and I was feelin a little rough, so had other plans.
I have done the temple and church tourist side of Macau before, but I have never been to a casino. Macau is a gambling mecca, it is bigger than Vegas and more profitable too, so I thought I would check it out with Hannah.

The Casino of choice was the Venetian, over the top does not quite describe the place. Check out the pictures.

There was a canal system through the middle of the shopping area that went on and on and on. It was complete with fake sky, bridges and Italian singing Gondola people who took you for a ride round the giant complex. Downstairs was the gaming hall, if you stood in the middle you could not see where the walls ended of this massive room. I wish I could take pictures but they are quite strict about it. We went for lunch at a buffet place called Bambu, yet again it was very-over the-top with seafood and cheesecake and everything in between.
I set myself a limit of 200 HKD to spend in the Casino itself. I tried the slot machines but failed at that as I could not work out the tactics. Then I tried Roulette which was much more fun! Although I still lost money rather than gained it.
After 100HKD being spent we decided to head to a different part of town, where we accidentally stumbled into a live televised talent show.

This is something so random that it can only happen in Asia and be normal.
After cheering for a while at the talent show we then left and walked to a Casino called Babylon. It was reasonably quiet and I had a little spending money left, so I found the Roulette table and started playing. I soon decided that I should stop playing with small bets and place down a larger amount. I won the bet and doubled my money. I then did the same thing and doubled it again!
By the end of the evening I had won enough money to have paid for my food and expenses in Macau. Plus have 50 HKD (3.5 quid) left to spare.
So I had a great day out for free.
I beat the system baby!


bensdadsoot said...

Looks a fab place how much to get there and back ?

robynandben said...

Ahh-mazing! We should def have seen this part of Macau instead of that old church!

P.S Thanks for bowing to my laziness and adding the link

P.P.S Miss ya also :)