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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paradise Found

If you take a train, then a bus, then another bus, then hike through the jungle across two mountains for two hours, you will find a very deserted and perfect stretch of beach where you can go camping overnight. This is what I did last weekend, and here are the pictures!

I can't even start to describe the place without sounding like a drugged up travel writer. So the pictures will have to do the talking. It is my new fave place in Hong Kong without a doubt.


bensdadsoot said...

that look fantastic can we go in january ???

mum said...

looks like the inland sea without the rubbish!!!

Ben said...

we can go in January but you three gotta start getting practise in. It is about ten times harder than the Lamma Island walk!!


bensdadsoot said...

Easy we'll go around the hill every day to get fit x