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Monday, January 21, 2008

Absolut Mess

Friday night saw me celebrating a friends birthday and going to the Absolut Vodka promo party. I am now going to take you through the evening by investigating my stages of drunken photo skills.

Stage 1: Artisitic shots using mirror before leaving the flat.

Stage 2: Why would anyone want a photo taken from this angle... ?
stage 3: Eyes fully dilated and a firm belief that the more self taken pics of myself an friends the better
stage 4: unable to take a picture, at all, for the rest of the night.
And how could you get to this stage?
Well the evil models walking around with vodka bottles could have been the reason...


Laz said...

And I thought I was drunk on new years! hehe

Hope you're recovering from the mess! Maybe a detox might come in handy?


Bensdadsoot said...

You'll need a new liver soon, watch out for the whites of your eyes going yellow, Oh and your pee starts to take on the colour of red tea(without milk) x x

Ben said...

Larry: I'm sorry I can't live up to your health freak status

Dad: Pee seems to be fine at the moment, thanks :)

Bensdadsoot said...

lso that is a horrible picture looking up the Chenery Nose, not delicate like Jack and myself!