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Monday, January 7, 2008

Still on holiday

Tomorrow is my last full day on holiday before I go back to work. Here are some pictures of things me and the parentals have got up to over the past couple of days.

We went to Lamma Island. Mum is feeling a little bit unwell, we spotted this sign

And realized that it offers the remedy to most of the issues.

We also went to Shek O village and beach.

We were having drinks at a new bar that has opened on Shek O beachfront. It was a pretty good spot. Halfway through our relaxing afternoon beverage we were offered entertainment when a sodding large parachute thing (slpt) lost control and crashed into a tree not more than 40 foot away from the bar. I don't know the technical name of an slpt, nor did I get a picture of the crash, minutes later though a second one landed with a little more grace (see above).

We rented deckchairs but then realised that none of us are naturally very good at laying in the sun and doing nothing. Dad was sleepy, which meant that regardless of sun he was going to stay put, so the mother and myself left him and went to look at the water boarding people (yet again probably not a technical name).

And by the time we got back, dad was still asleep.


Jack said...

Its raining here in England...

Sophie said...

hey Ben, loving how the old Hayward hoody is appearing in a fair few of your recent photos...u must be missing team swim!!!