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Friday, January 11, 2008

Eye Of The Tiger

My alarm clock on my mobile phone is a rather well known song taken from the 'Rocky' movie called 'Eye Of The Tiger'. If you are unfamiliar with the song or would like a refresh click here.

On some levels I am a little ashamed to disclose such a choice of alarm clock. If I don't though the rest of this story will not make much sense.

So my alarm usually goes off between 5.30 and 6AM on a weekday. I then hit snooze a few times and finally crawl out of bed at 6.30.

This morning was no different, I finally got out of bed and considered going to the gym. I say 'considered' because often I eventually consider a bath as a far better option. Today was no different.

I then got dressed quickly, packed my lunch, updated my I-Pod playlist, made sure I had keys, wallet and phone in my pockets then headed out of the door. The reason I needed to update my I-Pod is because I like listening to the podcasts from Radio 1 Online. In particular the Chris Moyles Show, which always makes me laugh.

So on my way to the MTR train system I stopped by a shop to purchase some orange juice. In the shop an old woman gestured and pointed towards me. I smiled and hoped she was crazy then left pretty quickly.

On the train itself I then had a man stand up and move to a different carriage 3 minutes after I sat next to him. Bewildered I looked around and noticed other people looking at me oddly. I did the natural thing and checked the buttons on my jeans, thankfully everything was in place. I decided that clearly this was their problem rather than mine. I turned my attention to the hilarity of Chris Moyles on my I-Pod, which got me further strange looks.

I finally got to work and began settling into my desk. I took my I-Pod out of my ears and to my surprise could still hear music. It was 'Eye Of The Tiger', coming really loudly from the front pocket of my jeans. This then made all the weird looks and seat vacating clear.

It seems I hit snooze instead of stop when I got out of bed, not realising I was travelling to work with the motivational theme tune blaring from my crotch region. Lesson has been learnt.


ps, parents, hope you got home safe and sound x


robynandben said...

Classic Weetman. I know it's been said before but these type of things really DON'T happen to anyone else!

Larry said...

LOL... you're such a dork Ben! hahahaha LOL! I'm laughing so much that I've got tears coming out of my eyes.

bensmumanddadlynnandsoot said...

yes we did get home finally!!!! First flight full..... second flight full..... now considering our options as really didnt want to wake you at Ben so stood by for the last flight and got on... IN CLUB WITH SLEEPER SEATS!!!! hooray. Took off late and had to wait before going onstand at Heathrow but we didnt care.. Luv u lots and thks again Ben xxx

Ben said...

Robyn: I knew you would say something like that :)

Larry: I am indeed a dork

Parents: Glad you got home safe and sound! Miss you lots xxxx