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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Up on the roof

Whilst the parents were here, we went to the massive revolving restaurant in Wan Chai. So I thought I would show you the quiet and sleepy little village of Wan Chai from above. You need to click on the pictures to see them clearly.

This is the section of Wan Chai where I live, it borders Causeway Bay which starts 400 meters down the road from my flat (which is in colour below).
This is the view in total color, most of the buildings are residential in the forefront, and then towering office blocks behind that.
And below is a zoomed in version of my very funky corner building, which explains why my flat is oddly shaped.

I know that some people who know them might be interested which building Nikki, Laura and Rosie live in now they have moved. It is about 6 minutes walk away from my flat and you can see it in the picture below. Their block is the salmon and white coloured building in the bottom right hand area of the photo. They live opposite the Southorn Playground and have amazing views of all the football and basketball games. Not that they ever open their curtains to see it...

This weekend is very healthy indeed. This morning I went running across a mountain behind Wan Chai with some of the gang (which was amazing), and tomorrow I am going hiking across a stretch of mountain called 'The Dragons Back'. I'm not sure if I am starting at the head and walking down the back towards the dragons arse, or doing it the other way round. Either way we end at Shek O beach so I will be going on a much needed swim! it's bloody hot here this weekend!


Bensdadsoot said...

Morning Ben, pleased that you went on the run, did you take a taxi to the start point?

Ben said...

yea, we decided that climbing up the mountain to run across the mountain was a little too much on a saturday!!!