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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been getting emails and rest assured I am still alive!!!

This is the last week that I can really organise anything before my recruitment trip to England for the month of February. I also started training some of the other office people to do interviews and oversee the application process whilst I am gone. It was not untill I pulled up the instruction guide that explains how to handle and process applicants that I realized how much I have changed the procedures since I took over last year. So now I have to go through and create a new instruction guide, although I don't really want to.

Another strange thing this week was having the new interview trainees listen in to me interviewing applicants on the phone. Everything went smoothly, however last week I was interviewing a girl and swinging back on my chair, only to fall off and hit my head on the wall. Thankfully it did help lighten the mood of the interview.

This weekend I am attending a private promotional party hosted by Absolut Vodka. Part of the benefits of living in such a big little city is the opportunity to go to random bizzare events like this. I think they are calling it an "Absolut Disco" but to be honest it is just a big club with unlimited free Absolut Vodka and mixers for the entire evening. You may well ask 'whats the catch'? But there is none. It's just free expensive vodka for the entire evening. Although I suppose you could say one catch is the hangover you have the next day.

I leave you with a picture taken on a bored journey back home from work with some of the people I work with. We screwed up the timer on the camera and decided to act like idiots instead. I think the result looks quite funky.


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Laz said...

LOL... you continue to make me laugh... falling off a chair during an interview? Didn't your teachers ever tell you not to swing on your chair? hehehe. :P

Have fun at the vodka party... don't forget to take a bag of frozen peas with ya! :)