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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I would not say that I am on a hardcore diet, but I am trying to do at least four lots of exercise a week and watch what I eat.

I am nearly two weeks into the regime and already feeling more healthy.

However, twenty minutes ago it was decided the office could do with a treat. So three minutes ago, in stumbled a Chinese man with six bags of various heart attack inducing goodies.

So now, sitting about a meter from my desk is
  • 30 cartons of ice lemon tea
  • 30 cartons of chocolate soya milk
  • 2 tins of cookies
  • 5 bags of chocolate eclaires
  • 6 tubes of BBQ pringles
  • 3 packs of Cadbury boosts
  • 5 packs of almond chocolate sweets
  • 15 packs of Chocolate chip cookies

This is where I find myself being tested...

On a totally different subject, last night at dinner the conversation of house cleaners came about. I know a couple who currently have a lady come in and clean their apartment for 70 HKD dollars an hour ( about 4.5 quid). This woman is now going to be cleaning another friends flat, and apparently she is brilliant.

After asking around I have discovered that a cleaner in Hong Kong will basically be flexible enough to do whatever it is that you require of them. If you need laundry doing, ironing completed, dinner making, bathroom cleaning or anything along those lines then it can be arranged. This particular cleaner I am considering even waited three hours in line for my friend to get rugby tickets during working hours for him!
I think up till this point, I have been quite hesitant about the whole house cleaner thing, despite it being very common over here. When you weigh up the costs against the benefits though, I have decided that perhaps I should just stop delaying. Besides, it is going to be so nice to come home from a day at work to a shiny and sparkling flat.


I have also decided to drop in pictures from the archives that I have taken around Hong Kong but maybe not used in the blog because there was no context for them at the time. Basically I want to post pictures I have taken without having to introduce where I took them or what I was doing etc. Above is the first example. xxx


Bensdadsoot said...

Mum and I are trying to to the same,after Bernies diner breakasts plus Ebenezer sandwiches and chips for supper,following many ltrs of booze. Go for the cleaner you will want one for life, that means staying in HK of course as here they will cost u 4.50 a DOD x

robynandben said...

If you have any spare iced tea and soya milk can you post it here pleeeeeease?

Laz said...

Can you send some chocolate eclaires and choc chip cookies my way? :)

That is dirt cheap with the cleaner... if only I can get one here for the same price to go for cupcake runs for me! hehe.

Ben said...

can we call attention to my very unmodern father just used "LOL"!!!! Whos says you can't teach old dogs new tricks....

bensdadsoot said...

Not so much of the old dog!