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Friday, August 29, 2008

Falling flat

I have had one minor embarrassing moment this week that I have decided to share with you internet people.

In Hong Kong we have an amazingly efficient underground train system called the MTR. Trains usually run every three minutes on the MTR and crowds tend to move easily through the station system. However, there is a peak rush hour period between 6pm and 7pm where you will not find the MTR easy. During this time you will find it difficult, crammed, pushy and sweaty. This week I was on the MTR during just such a period, listening to loud music on my Ipod and trying to pretend that I was anywhere than inches from a sea of smelly armpits and stressed suits shouting on phones.

After trying to get on two previous packed trains I decided to push my way onto the third train that arrived at the station. In Hong Kong the doors slide open and close automatically. The problem with being near these doors in a packed train is that you need to avoid them when they close. If you get caught in these doors then they will open again, causing harried keen to get home passengers to glare at you like you just sat on and killed their cat.

Once the guillotine like doors are closed though you can then stop trying to avoid them and instead lean back against them, relaxed in the knowledge that you did not get chopped in half or delay your fellow passengers by an extra 20 seconds.

What happened though is that I was listening to my loud music, knew the doors had closed behind me but did not consider that someone other than myself may be blocking the doors in a different carriage, causing them to open again. So I leaned backwards into thin air, flapped my hands a bit, then landed on my bum on the station platform.

People stared, I went red.

In other news the third week of orientation has finally concluded for the 56 new members of the team. Last week we had 55 members of the team but I recruited an extra person over the weekend as we had a placement become available at the last minute.
Overall I think the training has gone pretty well. My role was organizing the preparation and first week of orientation. This involves recruiting the employees, supporting them before they arrive, then helping set them up with bank accounts and other such things. The remaining two weeks were specific job related training. For these second two weeks I was thankfully not doing anything other than supporting the secondary school division, so I did not have to think that much about stuff. The girl who was leading the training really had her work cut out though and she did a fantastic job. Her name is Hannah and she was in the same school as Robyn last year. It was nice that at the end of the training the secondary employees thanked her for all the hard work and generally recognized the effort that we have put into their training. This was not something instantly recognized by last years 55 employees.

No other news really. Going to Lamma Island tomorow for food at the Bookworm Cafe and then going to a house party that same evening. Sunday is probably going to a beach day.


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