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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back Home

Well I am back in Wan Chai!

The flight was pretty average, there was a child two rows back that was screaming for most of the flight, other than that it was not too bad.

I managed to be in my flat 50 minutes after my airplane touched the ground, not my record but still pretty good timing.

Hannah and Robyn have been staying in my flat whilst I was away and so my small little abode now seems like a tiny box. Everywhere I turn there are high heels, newly purchased electronic gadgets or large suitcases. Hannah stayed at a friends house last night, but Robyn is currently semi awake watching me type at 6am. What will be great about this situation is when they both take everything back to the UK, this flat will seem gigantic!

My brother and dad should have just landed in Hong Kong now so they will be round here visiting pretty soon. Pictures will be posted later! (i'm thinking of taking one of Robyn in a minute but fear she may kill me)


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