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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vancouver and prostitutes

I'm now in Vancouver!!!

The flight was like being a sardine in a tin. I say 'like' being a sardine because to the left of me was a crying baby, and to the right a coughing and sneezing adult man. I bet real life tinned sardines don't have to put up with that kind of crap.

I managed to sleep about 10 hours of the flight, which made the journey go really quickly. One frightening aspect of Oasis is that the planes have cameras on their underbelly so that you can view heading towards the ground on your tv screen, pretty cool, but it makes landing scary!

After checking into my hotel and having a very hot shower, I decided that as it was only 6pm I should go exploring. So I talked to the receptionist about which bus to get/when it gets dark etc, purchased a map and set off downtown. Chinatown being my first tourist spot I wanted to check out.

Then next part will be written about as quickly as the events took place

So I got off the bus with the sun in my eyes and began walking towards Chinatown. Within seconds a guy had come up to me out of the sun glare and asked for change. Then another, then another then another did the exact same thing. Then a prostitute stood in my way and muttered "do you want some skirt?" I said "no thanks", and walked past her. She promptly began to follow me shouting "Hey, hey, hey!" at random points down the street at me. I passed another prostitute who pointed to my umbrella and mentioned how sensible I was, I smiled and kept walking. One minute later though I looked back to see that now I was being followed by two prostitutes. Seconds later a drunk guy fell out of a bar and shouted at no one in particular spotted me and began to head my way for what looked to have been a slow motion hug.

It was at that point that I realized I perhaps was in the wrong part of town. I hailed a cab and jumped in, requesting to be taken somewhere safe for tourists. The taxi driver laughed.

So my marks so far for Vancouver

Place: 8/10
People: 2/10

Because Vancouver is a stunning city

I just seem to be the pied piper of prostitutes and tramps today.


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Bensadadsoot said...

I found that you used to get empty coffee mugs shaken at you by every beggar in town, Thats why I loved Reston-near Washington-it;s Sanitized- a whole town that operates like beggars/hookers/drunks/muggers/ very safe.. just like Hong Kong u should have stayed at home!!