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Monday, April 28, 2008

Two in, two out

Robyn and Hannah have gone and my brother and dad have arrived!

Their arrival and leaving day crossed over, so for the first time Rob and Han got to meet my brother which was nice! Things done so far with Jack...

  • Visited the Bridge pub
  • Eaten at the flying pan
  • Eaten at the revolving restaurant
  • Gone on the star ferry to the Avenue of Stars

Then dad left for bed and Jack joined a big gang of eleven friends to

  • Say goodbye to Robyn and Hannah at the Arabic Habbibi Restaurant
  • Go to 'Le Jardin' bar (where a cockroach fell from the ceiling and crawled all over me)
  • Visit to the secret 'Feather Boa' bar
  • Go to an African bar
  • go to the Scottish 'Canny Man' bar

Jack ended up falling asleep in the last bar, head back and snoring, so I had to get him to bed. It was very funny but also 1 AM on his first day in Hong Kong. So we will let him off :)

Ah yes, the US Navy are also in town so dad is getting first hand experience of how their visit can change the feeling and atmosphere of Wan Chai!


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