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Friday, April 11, 2008


Looking at the last few posts I would not blame people for thinking that I am not having much fun on this recruitment trip!

Thankfully a few of the universities I have visited in San Francisco yesterday have been downtown, which gave me the chance of walking through some great tourist spots!

This first picture is San Fran from the air.

Although I did have to visit Chinatown and have some dim sum and iced lemon tea to cure the homesickness.
Also, the weather is perfect!


Anonymous said...

brill. But how are the meetings etc going? x

bensmum said...

that last one was mum by the way. Damn thing I always click the wrong box....

Bensdadsoot said...

Luv the picture from the aircraft x

Ben said...

Meetings are going pretty well. Some better than others, i went to one University and it was a total mistake, but thats another story!