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Friday, April 18, 2008


I am in New York for one more night and am flying to Toronto tomorrow! Some things that I have done in New York (in evenings and during lunch breaks of course!)

  • Learnt the subway system
  • Eaten bagels
  • Went to Times Square
  • Went to Wall Street
  • Went to 5th Avenue
  • Had lunch one day in central park
  • Saw the statue of liberty

All I hear locals say is how great the weather is at the moment and I would have to agree! I have been really lucky with this leg of the visit (except for the hotel)

I met up with someone who used to work for the organization today and we had dinner and then I randomly tagged along with them to a house party! That was quite good fun and it was nice to have to engage my limited social skills for something other than talking about working in Hong Kong!

This is my third trip to New York and whilst it is a nice city, I am ready to leave it tomorrow. My first visit was when I was 18/19 years old and I remember feeling really overwhelmed by the place and totally amazed. This time though I think Hong Kong has filtered my views of a "big city" significantly! The crowds in New York are not that large, the shops are not that cheap and the buildings are not that big by comparison.

So rather than overwhelmed i feel underwhelmed by New York, and the friend who took me to the party felt the exact same way. The Hong Kong effect.....???


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Bensdadsoot said...

The weather does look fab,better than the UK