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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just a simple school teacher

So having returned from the pig roast party on the beach I can report back that the entire day pretty much consisted of beer, piglet, fire and more beer.

It was a really good day out except the journey to get there. The beach was at the bottom of a mountain that itself was a thirty minute drive from Sai Kung. Problems began when we got out of the taxi assuming we had found the jungle path to the beach, then realized once the taxi had left us in the jungle that we had got it wrong and needed to walk over the mountain to the next path. In the heat, with three crates of beer in my arms.

Last night was the birthday party of Rosie, so we all went to the peak to celebrate.

After the dinner we went to see a friend perform with his band. The lead singer used to be part of the company and this was to be my first experience hearing him. The band is called F.B.I and here is a promo shot they use.

Going into the venue, I expected the whole thing to be a bit of a joke. This expectation came mainly from lines from the songs consisting of such lyrical classics as

"I'm not a preacher just a simple school teacher"
"Give me your children, put in a cauldron"

After watching them though I am now an official F.B.I fan! The entire band puts on a really good show, even if the showmanship outdoes the music sometimes. If you want to look at a clip of F.B.I in action then click here.

This is going to be my last post before travelling to Vancouver on Tuesday. This time I am taking my laptop with me and most of the hotels I am staying in has free internet, so I will post some pictures of my travels up as I go. (I have still not packed yet)



Robyn said...

Can you F'book me about the plan-age when we get to HK: keys, general house rules etc! Cheers then! xXx

Anonymous said...

have a good trip Ben. Hope it is productive for you all... Take care,
Mum xx