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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pope Problems

I never thought that the Pope would cause me any direct problems, but today gods representative caused me a serious hindrance.

Annoyingly the Pope has decided to visit New York at the same time as myself. This clash in timetables could have been avoided if he had just had his people check with the office and my schedule.

This check never happened though so I was greeted at 9AM with this scene

THOUSANDS of people lined the 5th Avenue area and they were excited on almost a hysterical level in some cases. People were singing, dancing and crying! It would seem that I had discovered the route the Pope was going to be driving down.

I had no real urge or interest to wait the four hours to see the Pope drive past and wave, so I headed into the shops.

After hitting a few shops on the avenue I thought I would try to be clever and take a side road out of 5th Avenue to avoid the ever increasing crazy crowds.

But as I started to walk away from the Catholic hysteria, coming towards me up this side road was another large group of people. (Who at that moment did not look suspicious.)

Halfway towards the Catholic crowd though, these plain looking people approaching my planned exit route whipped out a series of signs, costumes and suddenly started shouting. They were the anti Catholics.

The police reacted ultra fast and set up a barrier blocking the protesters from reaching the Catholics, but at the same time they also blocked the Catholics from reaching the protesters. And I was left in the middle!!!

After ten minutes walking around like a sheep in a pen I asked a cop if there was any way I could get out from my religious no-mans land. I was told that I could, but it would involve crawling under the protest barriers and through the crowds standing at them.

So that's what I did! My hand was stood on once, but the anti god people were very nice about letting me through.


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Bensdadsoot said...

Always happens to you, lets hope they are not due for an earthquake!