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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another random moment

With the recent earthquake in China, Hong Kong is quite focused on charity. Today at lunch we were told that a school nearby would be hosting a fundraising and were invited to give donations.
So I walked into the school hall, got spotted by my boss and handed a bundle of cash.

In two seconds I went from dropping personal money into a box to presenting money for the company whilst being filmed by the local media. I was wearing jeans, trainers and T-Shirt. Not suitable evening news attire.

Luckily, five minutes later in walked another girl from the office who looked far smarter than myself. Within less time than it took for my boss to palm off the television appearance to me, I was back in my office safe and sound. Phew!


Hong Kong is wet today :(


Anonymous said...

you have wet weather for the next few days until Friday, then its nice for the weekend. Wednesday is very stormy! x

hannah said...

It's glorious sunshine here :) x

Ben said...

I love that someone has the time to be my weather person!!

And Hannah, Scotland may be sunny but it's like the inside of a dark cold cave for most of the year so it's only fair you get one sunny day.