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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Madness

I always thought I was a reasonably calm person when it came to competitive activity.But within five minutes of starting the company "Kowloon" VS "The Island" Olympic games I had lost my voice from shouting.

We had an amazing location for the fun, a stretch of secluded beach on Lantau Island.

There were many chants throughout the days events. Points for originality goes to the Island Team who shouted at the Kowloon team "We have trams! We have trams, we have trams!", over and over again.

And although it was cloudy, and I was wearing factor 45, I still managed to get a little bit burnt. It was a scorching hot day.

So everyone took a well deserved dip in the sea at the end of the events.

And the result of the games you ask?

Well the Kowloon team won, but only by one game.

But we all had fun! Even though I am still sore from the tug'o'war.



Laz said...

It's ok... getting sunburnt is a something we expect from a POM! =P

Bensdadsoot said...

Specially a POM who was born and raised in Qatar where the sun shines most of the time!