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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fetch the Ark!!!

It is Friday morning as I write this and the rain is so loud you have to raise your voice just to be heard in the office with doors and windows closed. Typhoon season is here and this is just the start of the water based chaos. I was reading in the news that the Hong Kong government is so certain that this summer will see more Typhoons than ever that they are adding extra emergency warning methods to mobile phone devices.

A girl who i work with stepped out of her flat yesterday in the rain and within three seconds got soaked by a bus that came past and created a wave of water. She was so shocked and wet that she just stood there in the street and started to laugh, then a Chinese woman who saw the event started to laugh with her. It would seem that slapstick comedy is universal.


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robynandben said...

Ooh "squally thunderstorms" Check it!