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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Final Day

So Jack and Dad are leaving today :(

It has been really great to see them here and we have managed to pack lots into our days. I think my most enduring memory of the trip may be Dad and his multitude of comments/orders regarding Jack and his photography. For example.
"Jack you should really take a picture of that"
"Jack that would be a good picture"
"Jack get a picture of that"
"That over there would be a good picture jack"
"Take a picture of that Jack"
Dad could be forgiven if Jack was the only one with a camera, but Dad has one as well. I can only describe it as being like Dad was delegating photographs like he was some colonial photography lord and Jack was the slave.

Today we are going to breakfast at the flying pan and then heading to Ocean Park for some theme park fun!

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