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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ho Baow = full

So far for my Birthday I have

  • Been taken out to a massive staff lunch with the whole office (yesterday)
  • Been given a Chinese birthday cake that actually tastes nice! (they normally taste of nothing)
  • Had a mini party outside in the office garden area with loads of ice lemon tea
  • Been taken out to lunch again (on my actual Birthday this time)

And now this evening I am going out for another Birthday dinner.

In Hong Kong the only way you can celebrate is with food!

bx (currently very 'ho baow')

PS: Thanks for the cards and presents family!!!


bens mum xx said...

you are very welcome child..... enjoy your day.I cannot believe you are 24 years old!!!! I must have been a child bride. x

robynandben said...

Happy Birthday Grandad x x x

Laz said...

Hate to put my fitness instructor hat on... but hope you're hitting the gym again next week! =P

Enjoy the celebrations. I'll buy you a drink next time I see ya. x

Anonymous said...

ho baow

= VERY full