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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have been threatening to visit my friend Larry in Australia for some time now, but considering I cashed in 10 days of my yearly 15 day holiday and still have 5 days to claim, I somehow never got round to travelling anywhere this year that was not work related. I think this is partly because I do not come from a very 'holiday' type family. Growing up we lived in places where people usually came and visited us rather than the other way round.

This next year in Hong Kong I am going to shake free this confining problem that I conveniently blame on my parents and actually travel, sit on beaches, get my wallet stolen, adopt a tropical rash and other holiday stuff. This has been partly prompted from my reasonably conservative boss looking at me today and remarking that "you need to go out and get drunk or have a holiday" and Nikki and Laura of going off on their adventure.

Anyway, I have got off track. I have been threatening to visit my friend in Australia and my friend just sent me this tourism video. You have to watch the whole thing to fully appreciate.

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Bensdadsoot said...

Excellent idea Ben, however the only item left out of your self discussion is money! a requirement for travel!

nikki said...

yes you should Ben! come and visit us please xxx

Laz said...

I take no responsibility if you get buried while you're over here... you have been warned by our anti-tourism ads! On the other hand, at least you could be resting in peace in a lovely place. hehe. x