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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic fever

Is Hong Kong going crazy for Olympics? is the smell of gold medals in the air???

No, not really.

Hong Kong seems pretty subdued about the whole Olympic thing really. I have some Hong Kong Chinese friends who have told me that after the opening ceremony they felt really proud of their connection to China, but that is about it.

The ceremony itself was pretty amazing. A bunch of us gathered at a friends house and had an Olympic themed house party which was really good fun. The events started at 8.08pm on the 8/8/2008, because 8 is a lucky and powerful Chinese number.

Everywhere you look there is Olympic advertising and sponcorship etc, but I would not say Hong Kong is gripped by Olympic fever.



bensdadsoot said...

The opening was amazing, you should go to the horse events and wave a flag for Britain x

Anonymous said...

why the horse events?

mum said...

Because they are taking place in Hong Kong.....

Laz said...

Sounds like olympic fever is bigger here in Oz than in HK... then again, Aussies are pretty fanatic when it comes to sport (of any kind).

You should go down to Shatin today with a Boxing Kangaroo flag and cheer the Aussies on for me... we're in the lead for the team equestrian event at the moment and could potentially grab a gold medal (fingers crossed) tonight!!!