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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Facebook updates

The wonderful world of facebook allows my friends to write short one line updates about how they are feeling, what they are doing etc.I thought I would share some with you now.

I have just copied and pasted these onto this page. Can you spot a common theme?

Tom is stranded in Borneo due to typhoonage - see you in a few days!?

Vivian is amazed by the hordes of people in the supermarket buying groceries in anticipation of the typhoon...jeez, you'd think the world was ending or something!

Anthony is waiting for the T9 to come...

Asti is bummed the typhoon isn't coming until after work

Hayley is off to the Olympics tonight so is hoping the typhoon will hold off until tomorrow

Ben is preparing for another typhoooooon!!

Sarah is keeping an eye on the weather forecast...

although recent news is that the typhoon should hit after work tomorow and not before :(

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