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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Level T9!!! (maybe 10)

It's official, typhoon Nuri will hit Hong Kong. It is now a T9 warning, which means I don't have to go to work today!

Here is what the news has to say about the typhoon.

"Hong Kong issued its strongest storm warning in five years Friday as Typhoon Nuri brought gale-force winds and heavy rains, halting trade on the financial markets and shutting down most of the city.
The Hong Kong Observatory issued the level-nine storm signal for the first time since 2003, signifying winds would intensify, and warned people not to venture outdoors. It said it may strengthen the signal to 10 later Friday.
The level-10 signal is the observatory's highest storm warning, indicating hurricane-force winds with sustained speeds of at least 118 kilometres (73 miles) an hour, and gusts of more than 220 kilometres per hour.
The top signal has not been issued since 1999 when Typhoon York hit the city, killing three people." Source

Some new facebook status updates that my friends have now written on their profiles can be found below, which I think is far more accurate reporting.

Kayleigh is no school no work..yay! HK shuts down as we prepare for a direct hit by typhoon Nuri later today!!..hopefully nobody gets hurt!

Sarah hopes she has enough snacks to last through the typhoon!

Hayley can't believe we have T8 again!Def time for a greys anatomy marathon session!

Tom wants to go home! stuck in Borneo and missing the show.

Anthony is enjoying the T8.

Kenneth damn typhoon postponed my fight!

Peter is bracing for a typhoon direct hit on Hong Kong!!!!!!

Brian is battling the storm

Asti is chillin with Typhoon Nuri



robynandben said...

I love the excitement...sod the damage it may cause we have A DAY OFF WORK! So Western-la! :)

moonpig said...

Ah the drama! Hope you're shacked up with lots to do la! Lots of food and DVD's! At least you're on the 10th floor xoxox

mum said...

i am not sure being on the 10th floor is a good thing...
please let us know that you are safe tomorrow please x