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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Random Pictures

Pics I have snapped whilst walking around Hong Kong the past few weeks.
(I have no idea what all the girls are doing with the cross in the bottom right hand corner, they looked menacing on a Sunday morning.)


mum said...

how about maybe it was Easter Sunday????

Laz said...

The olympic rings look like they've been photoshopped into the picture in contrast to the rest of the buildings... is that Central?

You should be glad HK isn't hosting World Youth Day ( imagine hundreds of thousands of Catholics from around the world taking over your city for an entire week with flags, crosses, guitars and singing church songs as they walk along the streets.... and because there are SO many of them, you're stuck behind them and can't swerve around them.... and once you do get around one group, only to be confronted by another group singing a different song. I wanted to cry!!!

Ben said...

Mum: No, it was def not easter sunday, just a bunch of girls walking around witha giant cross.

Laz: (who wrote an essay) The phot was taken looking from Wanchai out towards TST across the water.

As for world youth day, i saw in the news it was in Australia, sounds fun!