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Monday, July 16, 2007


Hong Kong has unleashed a new banknote into the system. It looks the same as all previous 10 dollar bank notes except that these ones are plastic, which should mean they last longer.

I was the unwitting reciever of a new ten dollar banknote before spending it at a local shop. It caused quite a stir. There I stood as it was held up to the light, crinkled between the cashiers fingers, then had to wait for 5 other people in the shop to stop what they were doing and also come and inspect it.

I meanwhile waited, and waited for them to finish. Was it a fake? what was the problem? Should I swap it for another 10 dollar note in my pocket? I really did not know what all the fuss was about. I then got home, switched on the news and learnt about the new notes. I also learnt that people are trying to collect the first one in circulation. The prized note with the serial number 000000001 that authorities say has been released with the rest of the new notes.

Now I can't help wondering.
Did I have that note??



mum said...

knowing your luck yes....

Rob's Dad said...

It's only money!