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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Turn around-----f**k head

Starting next month I have decided to begin attending Mandarin lessons. This has been prompted by the realization that it would be pretty embarrassing if I end up living here for a total of 2 and a bit years and don't take the advantage of learning the language. So I am going back to school once a week!

On the subject of language, this is my latest discovery of dangerous Cantonese you can use in a taxi

Turn around = "Diue tow" (as in cow)
to call someone a f**k head you also say: "Diue tow" (as in cow)

So what's the difference? Well it's all about a slight shift in tone. To say turn around you finish the "Diue" section by pronouncing it with a lower tone. To call someone a f**k head you instead go higher with the tone at the end instead.

So if I am ever attacked by a pissed off taxi driver you know what happened.



Rob's Dad (rising tone) said...

Crikey! God knows what I was saying then. Sounds like you daren't sneeze for fear of confirming the illegitemacy of someones grandmother!

Bensdadsoot said...

Just shout louder they understand in the end!!