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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Robyn has left the building

Robyn has left Honkers :(

Not quite before she dragged me out on Saturday night and left me feeling more pain on Sunday morning than I ever thought possible or experienced in my life. I think I can safely say that she felt the same way, and it is now Wednesday and I still feel terrible. I think on the tail end of my generall Sunday morning weakness I have now caught some type of bug, because my throat hurts and I feel very very sick.

All my own fault.

Things are going barmy here at the office right now. In less than 2 weeks there are 52 people landing in Hong Kong to begin a new 9 month contract with the organization. Sometimes I wonder how on earth I ended up in an office trying to make that process seem sane and controlled. I have now resigned myself to the fact that things are bound to be a little bit manic and crazy no matter how hard I try. Which actually makes it seem a little bit better.

I have now replaced a sleeping Robyn on my floor in my flat with a sleeping Nikki. She is staying for a few days whilst she looks for a flat so I am getting quite used to the whole guest house thing now. Right, I have to get back to eating my lunch now.


ps. Can someone please take Robyn to the doctors when she arrives in England. She fell over 2 weeks ago and still her foot looks like it belongs to the elephant woman.


Rob's Dad said...

We're all nagging Robyn about the foot. It's great to have her back in Blighty! I'd forgotten how much has changed in Barnstaple and the house in a year. And she's brought the sun with her! Yipeee!

samb said...

ooh dear Ben, that sounds a bit like a mixture of dirty glasses and being run down. Make sure you get some rest (yeah, yeah, I know)otherwise you'll end up with a throat infection - and that means a week in bed wishing your mum was there to make you soup. Rob has promised to get to the Dr's asap. I have the day off today so we're taking Rob and Adam for lunch before Adam heads back home for a few days. Oh, and that van on the old photo looks like a Toyota hi-ace / town-ace from the mid-late 70's. It's styled very similar to the Volkswagen Transporter of that era (aka The Brick).

Bensdadsoot said...

You're probably feeling so rough because your liver is packing up, check that you are not turning yellow! weather now here fab, but the wet has runined the tomatoes,mum at work spect u will get message from her later Luv DaD