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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not all black and white

I have a reality channel on my television which allows me to monitor the 24 hour goings on of two people in confinement from the outside world. I can watch them eat, sleep and generally go about their daily lives.

Sounds familar? Big Brother perhaps? Well, these two people are called Le Le and Ying Ying...... And they are Pandas.

Hong Kong has gone Panda crazy! With the celebration of the ten year handover from Britain to China, Beijing made an offering of two little pandas to Honkers. This has resulted in "The Panda Channel" on television. When they are sleeping you get pre recorded stuff, but most of the time I can sit down, relax and watch the little critters eat bamboo whenever the mood suits me.
Only in Hong Kong would having such a channel be a large selling point for new cable customers.
The good news is that unlike the Big Brother house there is no issues of racism with these Panda counterparts, what with them being both black and white...


Bensdadsoot said...

Are there any eating places yet with Panda on the menu! the amount of bamboo they eat their meat would be ready skewered for kebabs!

Rob's dad said...

What's the betting next time they have an albino panda and a gay one? or a Red Panda!I'm glad to see this is just as nutty as the old blog Ben!