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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Out and about in Wan Chai

I took my camera out with me on a wander this afternoon. So thought I would share some pictures.

First we have my new building! Still on the one and only Johnston road :)

As you can see it is a corner building. My floor can be seen if you count 8 windows upwards from the first windows you can see above the big tree. (or just look for the 5 windowed cleaner looking painted section of the building)

I took a wander through Wan Chai markets too. There is a bit of controversy because quite a few of the markets are due to be closed and redeveloped by the government. It may not happen because of resistance from those living in the area and the media.

If they do close i might have to find a new place to buy my veggies.
But I never would buy a watch from the place.


bensmum said...

we know exactly where you are living now we have seen the pictures Ben. On many occasions we passed it on the tram coming to you....... the veg looked great but you only know how to cook the broccoli x

Bensdadsoot said...

Fab blue sky, the pollution must be blowing back towards the mainland, your weather looks to be hot and sunny for the next few days.

Ben said...

it is very hot and very sunny. And don't worry about the veg mum, I have a policy that goes along the lines of "if it's a vegetable, then it can be steamed!"

samb said...

yep, that's the way to do it Ben, steam or stirfry. I loved Hong Kong, Dave wasn't so keen on it - he goes a bit faint when he has to leave Devon.........Unless it's to go to the airport that will take him to yet another beach :)