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Monday, July 2, 2007


No pictures yet, but I now have a new flat! After being shown a fair few I have settled for one in Wan Chai. It is slightly more than I really wanted to spend but it is so nice it was worth the extra money. This month is going to be very lean till my next pay check :(

I was shown some flats that did not have security, and some flats that had prostitutes living next door. I eventually settled on an old chinese building which is literally about 4 minutes from our old flat. There shall be pictures coming soon!

ps. My bags were discovered and are now back in my hands from the black hole which is British Airways.



bensmum said...

well done Ben. When do you move in? x

ben said...

I have sent you an email mum!

Bensdadsoot said...

Think I would have settled for the flat next to the hookers, after all the Pretty woman movie had a fab ending, they might have had loads of dosh to spoil a lound eye! off to bed now lots love DOD x x