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Sunday, July 15, 2007

That falling feeling

Shocked to discover that no longer can the Ngong Ping Skyrail be used to visit the Big Buddha. For those who need a recap of quite what the Big Buddha skyrail is please click here.
Why does in not work? maintenance? cleaning?

The answer is none of these.

It's closed because one bloody fell off!

"a panel led by independent overseas experts was formed after a Skyrail gondola fell to the ground on June 11. They are investigating the cause of the incident and will recommend enhancements to operational safety." (Source)

I love how having 'overseas experts' come over and take a look at it might somehow ease our fears. Especially as it was overseas experts that helped make the thing in the first place.

Cable cars, the new extreme survival sport of Hong Kong.



bensmum said...

notice how they didnt say if anyone had been injured.....

Ben said...

no one was hurt, it was not operating when one fell off so reports say

samb said...

blimey, that's scary......

robynandben said...

This happened a couple of weeks before Rach n Debs got to HK - I had plans to go on that thing! We were also told not to use the cable cars at the Great Wall b/c one fell off and a man died - not a good time for cable cars...although I've since been on one in NZ ;) Rxx