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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good and Bad

Good: Robyn is here
Bad: My flat feels very small
Good: It's like she never left
Bad: She snores a bit :)
Good: we went to the beach today

Bad: It was almost a bit too hot!
Good: Robyn and I went and had an icecream
Bad: 4 hours later Robyn realized she had left her wallet where we consumed icecream
Good: We found a policeman who could help us. He said he could give us some advice.
Bad: His advice was "you should be more careful"
Good: A person had handed in the wallet to lost and found
Bad: Removed from the wallet was 4 Octopus cards, and 200 dollars
Good: The kind hearted thief did leave all cards and 110 dollars for Robyn to get the bus home

Robyn, my first ever Hong Kong crime statistic.



bensmum said...

bad: make sure kind hearted thief didnt write down credit card info and security number on back of cards therefore being able to use card on line etc..youd be very unlucky but it could happen.. bad luck rob.

Ben said...

she is cancelling her card as we speak...

Rob's Dad said...

Robyn has been known to throw her wallet away in a bin! $200 sounds a lot but it's "only" about 20 quid isn't it? So it could have been worse. Good tip about the writing down details - I wouldn't have thought of time I pinch a wallet! Love
Dave/Dad ooh ooh see you tomorrow Rob :)