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Monday, July 9, 2007


I unpacked! Went to the shops, purchased food, came back to flat.
I watched TV, then decided to go for a hot chocolate on the avenue of stars. I looked for my keys.
Could I find my keys? Could I hell.

1) Look in all the obvious places
2) Look in all nooks and under bed
3) Retrace steps
4) Look in less obvious places

One and a half hours later
5) Begin to panic, maybe you left them int he door and someone stole them?!
6) Move everything in your flat, onto your bed and search it as you go
7) Still fail to find them
8) Move everything in cupboards, draws, and on the bed into the middle of the room
9) By now completely negate all the unpacking that you did over the past 24 hours

Two and a half hours later
10) Give up, have Chinese friend call locksmith
11) Decide to have a cold drink
12) Find keys... In the ice cube section of my freezer!!!!!!!!

What is wrong with me?



robynandben said...

This would never have happened if you still lived with me...that's clearly the first pace I'd look ;) xxx

bensmum said...

I think thats called an early spring clean..... but did you change the lock or did you find the key before the locksmith did his bit? Lovely story and a good way to start the day Ben....For us that is :)

Ben said...

I found it before the locksmith did his thing. And it's true, when I lost things invariably I found them with the help of Robyn. When I say help, I mean she was in the same room as me whilst I was searching....

bensmum said...

well thats charming isnt it Robyn. Are you having a good time on your travels?

Rob's Dad said...

Ben, you're such a cool guy the freezer is the first place I'd look!